Top 5 Birthday themes for boys

Boys will always be boys. Children are the most dynamic being and their choices and prefences vary everyday. Selecting a theme for them becomes a little tough.

That’s why we have always preferred mix and match of things and creating themes. We have done our research and figured out that our boys love fantasy world. Check out out top five themes of the season:

  1. Pirate- While organising a pirate themed party, start out with sending Pirate lingo party invitations. Focus on the décor using treasure chest, balloons, use dull colours for a real look.  Keep a pirate costume dress code and arrange for some icebraking activities, cake and food items related to theme.
  • Star Wars- If your son is a die-hard Star Wars fan then don’t think twice before hosting his next birthday party using this theme. We’ll guide you to organizing a perfect bash.  Start with sending attractive party invites following with star wars figure cake, drinks and food. Décor will include backdrop, black coloured lanterns and balloons, matching costumes and masks.
  • Superhero- When your kids love superheroes why not arrange a crazy party for them. Your boy should feel he’s a superherofrom inside and out. Personalize your party in an innovative way; prepare a set up with mixed superhero figures including Superman, Batman and Spiderman etc. Also, you can use Superhero bunting and coloured tassel garlands making your party look energetic.
  • Angry Birds- The most popular game- Angry Birds is the new theme which little boys would prefer on their birthday. From decoration to cake to game activities – this high-scoring party idea will make your guests chirp in approval.
  • Transformers– Transform your son’s birthday into an ultimate Transformers themed party! Transformers are the new love for kids. Use backdrop, masks and red, yellow, blue balloons for the décor complimenting it with theme related cake, drinks and food.

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